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  • your Slop Oil

    Clean your Slop Oil

    Whether its large scale refinery slop oil waste treatment, continuous removal of base oil from drilling muds, even down to the smaller scale removal of contaminants in lube oil & distillates, with mechanical separation we can overcome the challenges of modern industry.
  • with a Smaller Footprint

    Clean with a Smaller Footprint

    Water contaminated by industry raises many issues in both onshore and offshore environments. The environmental concerns are obvious and with legislation becoming increasingly more stringent we can no longer ignore the importance of responsibly treating contaminated water.
  • your Environment

    Clean your Environment

    The environment is under increasing pressure from industry, whether to air, land or sea. By applying new technologies and best practices, focusing on minimising volumes & reducing solids handling, we offer mechanical separation packages to reduce volumes & remove liquids from the solids waste materi

Environmentally Lowering Volumes Off/onshore at source - elvosĀ®

ELVOS Slops Oily Water Treatment System. 

System is designed to treat oily water slops for discharge to sea.

The system has 3 main stages. 

Stage 1 -  treatment by a specially designed decanter centrifuge. The decanter is designed to clarify the liquid and remove heavy solids discharging solids to a TCC or skip via an auger. (This decanter can also be used for drilling mud treatment) 

Stage 2 -  processing through a high speed disc stack centrifuge. This splits the fluid into 3 phases - oil, water and slurrified solids. The oil is recovered to a tank for recycling to the Mud System or used as a lubricant for the cuttings feed to a TCC unit as required, the solids are discharged to the same as solids from Stage 1. The water is returned to a mix tank for stage 3. 

Stage 3 - final polishing of the water to remove trace oil and solids. Where needed our chemicals can be added to the effluent and mixed if required. The resultant fluid is filtered to give a clear effluent to be discharged overboard 

All testing is done manually (InfraCal Analyser) and conforms to all DECC regulations for the disposal of oily water offshore. 
All equipment is certified for lifting offshore, however items out with the ELVOS™ container must be transported in DNV 2.71 or offshore approved containers when loading from boat to rig. Hook up time is typically 2-3 days.


  • Reduce impact on the environment
  • Reduced health & safety concerns
  • Reduced logistical costs
  • Discharge clean water back to sea


  • Slop oil treatment
  • Deck drains
  • Drill floor water treatment
  • Bilge water treatment